O n   t h e  S i d e l i n e s  2





O n   t h e   S i d e l i n e s   1

 Romina & Zahra | Mixed media on Canvas |100X70 cm






O u t s i d e   t h i s   E m p t y   R o o m

The Outside This Empty Room series is about photos; single-frames that work for me as a source to create stories, even long ones; stories that are usually come to being in the real world at the beginning, but they later grow up in my imagination.

What I do here, in this empty room, is only to imagine, and to put the scattered elements of the story and the characters together to make a scene in which I could tell pleasant and unpleasant narratives that vigorously push themselves out of my mind every now and then. And even though these narratives emanate in this room, and are formed just when I’m watching my photo albums, they still seem real most of the times. Here, in my transient moods and moments, the objects and the people would conjoin one afteranother to indicate an exaggerated image of the reality from somewhere outside this room.  .فارسی.








T i p s i n e s s







L e a v i n g    t h e    A t m o s p h e r e

The present series is a continuation of my previous works: In which people or let’s say subjects were sprinkling water at each other. In the present series we are faced with a fact that can be looked upon as a consequence of “Water Sprinkling".

In the previous series, the concept of Water Sprinkling more than anything else was revolving around education. Water Sprinkling with the intention to keep clean_ with regard to its traditional and favorite patterns_ wants to change, to reach to a desirable condition.

Part of our ingrained behaviors and habits throughout the history has been resulted from these deterrents. Habits that sometimes lead us into a mysterious world. A world that through interaction with our behaviors constructs these behaviors and gets constructed by them. We are “suspended” in this constructed world. Suspended in a situation between being tamed and producing a single identity.

Deterrent of the Water Sprinkling wants to: prevent the occurrence of a "powerful" and independent identity. So inevitably instead of creating our reality we leave its atmosphere and plunge into a mysterious world that emerges the same for everyone. A mysterious world in which the more we plunge into the more we get away from our reality.

The present series is the verisimilitude of the world that we are living in and since we are preoccupied with it every day, we have lost its true image. An image that we will not discover its mystery unless we change our point of view. فارسی.






W a t e r    S p r i n k l i n g

For me, Water Sprinkling is a way of purification/dicipline. These people are supposed to be purified in some stages of their nurture, so they need to be abluted. And through the ritual of purification, they will be cleansed from their separate existence and individuality,and they will gradually become a one united soul. so, to me, here, the Water Sprinkling is a unification mechanism.  فارسی.





A   P r o t o z o a n - S e l f   p o r t r a i t ( A   R e a l i t y   o f    E v o l u t i o n )

1. In a reverse movement through history to study the evolution of the early human/I species, passing through samples such as Homo erectus, Australopithecus and ape-men leads us to quadrupeds such as Shrew mice; and if we go back further, it is not unlikely that we may come to insects or even protozoan. These discoveries have removed man further from the centrality of the world, and indicate that there is not much distance between Homo sapiens and a protozoon.

2. There is no philosophical issue. This is a realistic image that has been drawn on a photographic paper. A verisimilitude, arisen from the Paleoanthropology. During the course of evolution, and under the influence of various factors I could have turn into what I am, or become another species: a handless, legless, brainless creature with tail, or a handless, brainless, tailless creature with hands, or a handless, legless, tailless creature with brain, or a handless, brainless, tailless creature with legs, or a legless, brainless creature with hands and hoofs, or a legless, brainless, creature with hands but without hoofs, or a creature with hands, and legs, and brain, and hoofs, and tail, and … .فارسی..











L i g h t n e s s

This is a reaction against instability: that I paint these images on Photographic Paper (Litght-sensitive paper) and I use stationary process to fix them in a photographic way. Commponents of these images, same as everything, move and change. Subjects are constantly getting up and down, till the best moment to be treated and to be fixed. فارسی.






M o t h e r    &   C h i l d ( B i r t h )